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How We Use Cookies?

Like many other websites, our website uses cookies to store and retrieve information on and from your device.  This information is used to enhance the user experience that you expect from the site.  The data is not personally identifiable to you.

Before our cookies can be used on your device, you must first accept them and their usage by clicking the ‘Accept Cookies’ button in the cookie information bar when you first visit our site.  If the cookie information bar is not displaying this button, it is likely that your device is already using cookies from our site.

You may change your cookie privacy settings for any site using the options/settings menu of your web browser.  Please consult the Help section of your web browser or visit the About Cookies website for further guidance.

What Cookies Do We Use?

Below are the details of the cookies used by our website.

Cookie Name


_ga Google Analytics cookie used to identify unique users to our site and their browsing habits on our site.  Valid for 2 years
_gid Google Analytics cookie used to identify unique users to our site and their browsing habits on our site.  Valid for 24 hours
PHPSESSID Session cookie used to keep you logged in to your account once signed in


The Google Analytics cookies enable us to count unique visitors and traffic sources so that we can ensure that the performance of our site meets the expected demand from users.  They help us to identify which are our most and least popular pages and show how visitors move through our site.  The information collected by these cookies is anonymous.  The IP address of your device will be collected to help us undertake the analysis of your use of the site.  No other personal data is collected and stored by the Google Analytics cookies for this purpose.


The session cookie enables us to provide a smoother user experience for our visitors.  It enables you to remain logged in to your account as you move through different pages while you are using our site.  This cookie neither collects nor stores any personal information.


Last updated May 2018

We use cookies (learn more about cookies) on this site to allow you to manage your online account and improve your website experience. By clicking "I consent", you accept the placement and use of these cookies for these purposes.  If you do not accept the cookies you will not be able to use the website.  To read more details on the website cookies please see our privacy notice.”